Dubbed “the Pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill, this is a lush green paradise, lying on the shores of the vast Lake Victoria, surrounded by mountains and dark forests. It is filled with friendly people, wildlife, over a thousand species of birds and of course home to the Mountain Gorilla! Uganda has many national parks that boast wonderful safari and primate opportunities and can easily be combined with a visit to Kenya or Tanzania.

African Pathfinder - Uganda map

Our Highlights

  • One of the last remaining places on earth that you can go on a primate trek.
  • Several other primate species can be found here too, including the blue monkey and white-cheeked mangabey.
  • Bwindi Impenetrable National Park covers 33,100ha of steep mountain rainforest and houses almost half of the world’s surviving mountain gorillas.
  • Feel the privilege of being in the presence of the gorillas in these unchartered territories.
  • The luxurious and lush jungle is also home to thousands of birds and animal species, some of them quite rare and already endangered.
  • In Queen Elizabeth National Park, you can spot tree-climbing lion on a game drive!
  • The park lies in a huge rift valley and is home to four of the Big Five (lion, leopard, elephant and buffalo)
  • Lake Victoria is Africa’s largest lake, watch flamboyantly plumed birds flit across volcanic lakes, including the wild population of the rare shoebill stork.
  • Water channels, waterfalls and landlocked lakes are some of the main attractions in Uganda.
  • Tribal and cultural identity are important to Ugandans and they are eager to share their history with visitors.

Best Times to Travel

  • Two dry seasons: December – February and June – August: good for gorilla/chimpanzee trekking. Game spotting in national parks is also good at this time, as well as between February and March.